Ten Tips For Homeowners

Living in a rented apartment and living in your own house has a vast difference. This also affects your thought process about the maintenance of your house. If you have your own house, you must be doing the best to maintain your house and keeping it clean and healthy. But it is important that you follow the cleaning tips even if you are living in a rented house or apartment. After all, it is your home even though on a temporary basis. There are a few tips every homeowner must follow.

  1. Garden: A big house means a big garden which is hard to maintain. Summer season means that you have to look for plants and trees that are appropriate to plant in this season and winters will mean a different list of plants which can be planted and taken care of. If you have appointed a gardener then, make sure that he is taking due care of the plants as per the changes in weather. Regular maintenance work like cutting the grass, trimming the bushes, taking out the weeds, watering the plants, etc also is important.
  2. Swimming pool: Winter season will not allow you to enjoy the swimming pool but, when the summers are near, you will have to clean and maintain the swimming pool as well. If the pump was not in use from many months, you will need to clean the pit so that you do not need to wait for the pump to work well.
  3. Carpet cleaning: Many of us love to use carpets in our house but, they accumulate lot of dirt and thus need to be cleaned frequently. Since every person entering your house use the carpets to put their feet on so, a lot of dust gets into the carpet. You need to clean the carpets regularly irrespective of the season.
  4. Roof: We never look at the roofs of our house. The dust particles and webs might be making your roof look weird and the guests might be noticing that. The shingles in the corners of the roof might trouble you in monsoon season so you need to fix them up.
  5. Furniture: It is important to note that your furniture is not getting damaged due to termite attack or the fading down polish. This needs timely attention.  
  6. Doors and windows: No matter which material your doors and windows are made from, you need to check all the doors and windows installed in every room and even in the porch. The cracking and caulking of these fixtures need to be considered as soon as possible.
  7. Electrical goods and home appliances: Whether it is your heating system, air conditioner, refrigerator or kitchen mixer and grinder, all needs regular cleaning.
  8. Fences: Every house is fenced with boards or steel pipes so, if you haven’t checked them for years, you need to see whether they are broken or in proper condition.
  9. Vents need to be cleaned up in winter season so that no birds are breeding in them. Drains and sinks need attention as well.
  10. Mend your pathways which have been affected by weather change.

Follow these tips for homeowners and have a tidy and fresh living environment.