How we work




How we work

When you need to spend so much time on the internet to search for the best results or companies then only one website can help you i.e. Top 10 Resources. We do not work like any other review site or various rating sites that can be seen on the internet. Our working process is very unique and we believe in providing authentic information.


We certify our members after examining the accuracy and quality of service they offer. We validate only those who are capable of identifying ambiguity and eliminating it. Once your grades meet our standards, you will receive a legal certificate from our side which will gain you acceptability across industries. Our verification will not only make your clients feel more confident to deal with you but will also increase your sales. It also entrusts the investor to make an investment in the firm. Moreover, employees working in the authentic organization feel positive and relaxed which makes them more committed towards their job and firm reputation.

We understand that your time is very precious and we make hard efforts to save your time. Our website can be useful for you if you are searching for any best results pertaining to any product or service or company. Our information system is very reliable since we have qualified and experienced staff that can help you get your results in seconds.


While searching on the search engine, you will have to compare numerous websites separately but, when searching on Top 10 Resources, you will get top 10 results based on our stringent criteria, online tools and expert team.


Our website is like a secondary search engine that provides reliable information in seconds. We track the genuine reviews of all the related websites you are searching. Our working system is so effective and efficient that at the end, we come up only with genuine and authentic websites that can be helpful to you. You can try us to know for yourself. We are confident, you won’t be disappointed.


We don’t consider any anonymous reviews while rating any site.  Each review is tracked based on IP address. Our team very carefully reviews the data we collect to be sure that companies do post the reviews themselves. The reports we provide on our listings are based on the reviews and ratings from people like you. With an expert in house team of reviewers, we gather information from varied legal sources like CSLB, AGC and DCA.


We follow strict parameters so that we can provide valuable and reliable services to our clients. We keep every report upgraded so that no one can question our authenticity and integrity. You can completely rely on our services when searching for online information. We will take a few seconds and will come up with the most authentic and genuine websites on the internet. Here, you can get the top 10 results that will provide meaningful and useful information and you can complete your task and projects on time. We only refer three contractors to one lead. If you have any issues that cannot be resolved contact us and we will work towards a resolution.


So join us today and benefit from our research by saving your precious time. We also offer 15% discount to members.