Criteria Which We Check

Effective home renovation requires professional best contractors handling the task. But with so many contractors floating in the market, it is very important to spot the best ones. There are certain criteria that we use to check on the contractors. These are as follows:-


  • Best Pricing: Different contractors have different pricing plans. Based on the work that they are going to be assigned, contractors present their pricing plans. We compare various plans and consider the best pricing. We carry out comparative analysis where we check the amount and level of work that is expected out of a contractor and the pricing plan that has been presented in correspondence to that. When we check the pricing plans, we automatically spot the best pricing and freeze our search list accordingly.
  • How long in business: In order to bag work, people have the tendency to brag a lot. When it comes to contractors, this is no exception but when we check on the contractors, we see how long the concerned person has been in business. His experience helps us determine his credibility.
  • Customer Service: Being in business for many years alone cannot certify a contractor’s quality and performance. It is always the quality of customer service offered by him that would determine his true worth. We check the records of the customer service he has been providing since his operation over the stipulated time period he has been in the industry.
  • Must have a web site: Any entrepreneur who wants to expand business and reach out to more and more potential customers would have an attractive website. These days, a website is the most important tool to reach out to people beyond all boundaries.  Contractor who strives to offer service to more and more people would always have a professional website that is updated regularly. We always harp on such contractors who are updated and simultaneously update their websites. Contractors who do not have a website are not considered by us as worthy contenders.
  • Specialty: In today’s world, skill plays a great role. Expertise is required in every field to shine and prosper. We also emphasize on specialty. While checking on the top contractors, we give a detailed look into his specialty. Before we freeze out search for you, we need to be sanguine that the specialty we have looked in a contractor is worth it.
  • All contractors are checked at CSLB:  A very important factor which we consider while checking on a contractor is that whether a particular contractor is checked at CSLB. 
  • 2 reviews what last 2 customers had to say: One of the most important parts of customer service of any kind is the feedback or the reviews given by the customers about the service provider. In tune with this, we check the reviews of the last two customers before considering him worth your search. Once we are confident that a particular contractor has earned positive reviews about his work from his potential clients, we consider him to be worthy of his job and designation.
  • All contractors are checked: We do check if the contractor we are approving is a member of the below listed Associations & Licensing for General Contractors. This proves their work quality and professionalism. Associations where we check include:


Thus, you can understand how minutely we do our screenings so that we can serve you with the best always!