10 Tips - For A Healthy Home

Our lives not just become healthy by healthy eating but our homes also play an important part in keeping us happy and healthy. Clean surroundings, and vibrant interiors will make you happy from inside, and you will stay healthy always. To keep your house healthy, you need to make a checklist so that you can easily maintain your house. Many a times, even after knowing that our house is demanding some change or maintenance, we tend to overlook and get busy in our daily lives. A checklist can help us remember these demands and we can maintain our house properly. Let us have a look at the checklist:


  • Car and garage: If you are maintaining a car then you must know the investment you have made in it. You need to clean your car on daily basis and also clean your garage regularly. Also cross check that the car is well equipped with all the tools and equipment so that you do not face any problem while driving.
  • You must clean the refrigerator every week. Since you use refrigerator to keep all the food items, you must clean it periodically.
  • Your sweeper or housekeeping must be cleaning the house regularly but every week, you must do a thorough checking of your house including the cleaning of woodwork, flooring, decorative items, etc.
  • You must check every part of your house ensuring that there is no water collecting at any place in the house. This will give birth to mosquitoes that can be very dangerous from health point of view.
  • The doors and windows must be cleaned regularly and polished periodically for best results.
  • If you use a coffeemaker frequently then, you need to clean it regularly. Same goes for other home appliances.
  • Using a microwave is very common in every house. Since we use them frequently for heating or cooking food, it must be cleaned every week.
  • The air conditioners and refrigerator of your house need to be cleaned too. You can call someone from the company after every few months for professional cleaning but it is important to clean them every week yourself too.
  • If you have a pet in your house then, you need to be very particular about the cleaning of your house and your pet too. Generally pets with long hair need to be taken care of the most as their hair can be anywhere in your house. You need to keep every food item safe form their hair. You need to give them bath at least twice a week.
  • If you have a garden and/or pool in your house, then that needs attention as well.

If you will take care of these tips, you can make your surroundings healthier and better.